About us

Image of CAE Delivers staff and delivery vehicles.

Our status as the UK’s independent leader in next-day deliveries to Ireland wasn’t earned overnight.

For more than 40 years, CAE DELIVERS has carved out a global reputation for quality service to more than 170 countries across a range of disciplines - air, sea and road freight, warehousing and third-party logistics.

However, it’s our expertise in home deliveries and ‘click and collect’ fulfilment across Ireland which puts CAE DELIVERS well ahead of its competitors. Because they’re pre-sorted in our London and Manchester depots, consignments are en route to their destinations just as soon as they land in Dublin or Belfast.

CAE DELIVERS also uses the very latest technology to ensure that packages arrive first time, every time.

We are one of the only UK carriers to assign every delivery the latest Eircode address details to make shipments even more accurate.

CAE DELIVERS also provides computerised tracking data at each stage of the journey and - what’s more - we offer you all this six days a week and at UK domestic rates too.